Latest 22k Gold Thali Bottu Designs with Price

Latest 22k Gold Thali Bottu Designs with Price

Gold thali bottu a small piece of gold which the bridegroom ties round the bride’s neck as a sign of marriage usually worn by the brides from Andhra Pradesh. Following is the latest 22k gold thali bottu designs with price.

Tanishq Opulent Gold Thali For The Telugu Bride

Weight: 2.825g

Price : USD : $244, Rs.19074

Image Credit : Tanishq Buy LInk

Rajjewels Botu CZ Thali Pendant

Weight: 3.5000g

Price : USD : $350, Rs.27300

Image Credit : Rajjewels Buy LInk

Totaram 22K Gold”Lakshmi” Mangalsutra Thali Pendant With Red Stone

Weight: 3.050g

Price : USD : $288.89 , Rs.22533

Image Credit : Totaram Buy LInk

Swarnajewels Gold Thali Bottu Pendant (RGP452)

Weight: 2.1g

Price : USD : $311 , Rs.24258

Image Credit : Swarnajewels Buy LInk

Cosmicnorbu South Indian 22K Thali Bottu Pendant with Ruby

Weight: 4g

Price : USD : $400 , Rs.31200

Image Credit : Cosmicnorbu Buy LInk

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