Latest 22k Gold Nosepins Designs with Price

Latest 22k Gold Nosepins Designs with Price

A nose ring is used to accent a nose piercing, and styles include the nose bone also known as a prong nose stud), nose screw, nose stud, L bend nose stud, and and nose hoop.  There are a variety of different nose ring metals, Gold is a classic jewelry and it’s incredibly popular for nose rings. Gold is pure, timeless, natural, hypoallergenic and overall a safe and stylish nose ring metal. Foolowing is the latest 22k gold nosepins desings:-

Tanishq Traditional Opulent Gold Nath

Weight: 15.390g

Price : USD : $1444 Indian Rs : 113487

Image Credit :Tanishq Buy LInk

Bluestone The Saba Nose Ring

Weight: 1.07g

Price : USD : $90 Indian Rs : 6,853

Image Credit :Bluestone Buy LInk

Joyalukkas Gold Nose Pin

Weight: 0.5 g

Price : USD : $36 Indian Rs : 2,853

Image Credit :Joyalukkas Buy LInk

Malabargold  Malabar Gold Nosepin

Weight: 0.4250 g

Price : USD : $37 Indian Rs : 2,891

Image Credit : malabargold Buy LInk

Pcjeweller The Caffar Gold Nose Pin

Weight: 1.017 g

Price : USD : $87  Indian Rs : 6,506

Image Credit : Pcjeweller Buy LInk

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